BroadCUT : Professional Web Stream Player & WatchDog

Aumera BroadCut Front Panel

Based on our experience and expertise of more than 10 years in the Broadcast, this equipment has of course all our know how in
Reliability without compromising the basic function naturally joined the permanent maintenance of a program on the air. This is exactly in this light that has been designed Broadcut: maximum security to avoid the dreaded white on the air.
The classic strategy adopted by most of the radios is a detector of white, which will trigger the appropriate relief a playlist of classic audio static. The problem created by this type of solution for the rupture of a course program Live on the air, but also the advertising content broadcast. The Broadcut solves this problem. Indeed, the place and instead of a simple playlist, you can broadcast a Radio Stream Web feeds. Therefore, we made a special attention to the eligibility of making such an antenna signal.
Aumera BroadCut Front Panel
First, three Web feeds can be configured with a configurable priority. A multihomed Web will keep checking the validity of the flow. If, in a where appropriate, the main flow of aid is not available, then the device switches on priorities in a decreasing way. If the main stream becomes available, then it is automatically reactivated. Imagine that in the worst case, the Internet connection becomes unavailable, then the system switches to the audio from the internal SD card. Accordance with equipment designed for the broadcast, a GPI port is available as to trigger an external device, but also be triggered.
Because of the anarchic web architecture, the fluidity of web feed stream can be altered by a lack of flow. To secure this, the Broadcut has an algorithm to maintain a flow as efficiently as possible. Our tests showed it was possible to maintain the eligibility of a stream in the extremely unfavorable flow unstable internet. We pushed our test to the network cable disconnected even while playing a stream WebRadio. It appears that in most of our tests, no audio break was observed in the time of the buffer, depending on the Bitrate of the stream. This means that the connection to a router is DCHP or fixed IP
extremely fast.
Aumera BroadCut Front Panel
To overcome the majority of audio routing configurations, we have equipped the Broadcut a matrix audio. This one was designed for other equipment in our range, the MatrixGAS, which has proven itself for many years. Active type, this matrix has 3 output stereo input channels: two inputs and two balanced XLR outputs, accepting audio levels up to +20 dBu., An internal connection to the detector in white, and of course, a connection to the Internal Stream Player.
This allows you to monitor a program external audio through XLR In / Out of your choice, and dynamically redirect to the internal Stream Player outputs for alarm or for example in the context of use Player single stream, to broadcast a stream on 2 outputs ...
The matrix can be triggered both through the detector white, or directly from the port Bcf. Therefore, one can imagine a multitude of configuration that adapts to a maximum of situation.

Aumera BroadCut

We also paid particular attention to the software configuration. We have simplified the interface for configuring the Broadcut. So you have a graphical interface, simple, intuitive allowing quick to take control of the device. Also, take remote control is possible via a secure web interface login / password, from any computer with a web browser or even a smartphone capable of displaying a web page. In this way, an updated report in real time, informing you of events is always available, wherever you are. You can also change or start a stream that broadcasts at a remote site for example. The majority of configurable parameters can be accessed remotely. We invite you to read the different parts of this documentation. It will help you discover the full potential of the device through its many features.