MatrixGAS Br-T

Gpi Audio Select Matrix 4 in 4 out

Aumrea - MatrixGAS
The MatrixGas is a matrix-oriented broadcast audio track 4. Indeed, it can route 4 stereo channels
to 4 outputs in a configuration set by the user. The total number of user presets are 16. A preset can be recalibrated from the front panel, but it can also be recalibrated using
port Bcf (optocoupled) by any other machine with a GPI (relay, dry loop Etc ...).
Note that this report can also be done on Ethernet, or RS485 via a MatrixGAS
Remote-GPI with its own port.
Thus, opportunities for connection via Ethernet can overcome a limitation of implantation site. (Remote via an Internet connection to another site for example)


Aumera : MatrixGas
Matrix-Balanced Stereo Audio 4 channels
Control selection of channels through Ethernet, or Bcf MatrixGAS Remote (485 or Ethernet)
-Report of Bcf over Ethernet (via Remote MatrixGAS)
Audio Signal-to 20 dBu
-16 Presets users

RemoteLink :

Aumrea - MatrixGAS Remote
The Ethernet link is provided by the software RemoteLink. Indeed, it establishes the connection between the Remote and MatrixGas.