TimeSync Br-T Serie

Aumera TimeSync Br-T Serie


Aumera : TimeSync , Synchronisation DCF
This tool allows a global synchronization from a DCF module. This synchronization for all positions of a local network or externally, and all
displays. All the display has a clock independent of precision.

Audio Watchdog

Aumera : TimeSync , Audio Watchdog
This module allows continuous monitoring of a program broadcast. Fully customizable, it also has an automatic mode that performs a calibration
automatically depending on the signal level. Thus, it is possible to start a relief program to compensate for the absence of modulation.


Aumera : TimeSync , Automation
The automation is achieved using 24 GPi output ports and 8 input. All events related to alarms (Audio Watchdog, temperature ...) allows through a
preset registered to perform an action based on a strategy defined by the user.


Aumera : TimeSync , Statisitques GPI Preset
All alarm events, actions of GPi, absences sector ... is logged on a report directly accessible by the user from the front panel or via PC software
(TimeSync Server). The event counter is used to display alarms not consulted.

Modules and Software

Aumera : TimeSync , solution logicielle
A software solution that enables a gateway via RS232, USB or Ethernet providing information report from the TimeSync and a network of PCs. Thus, the
synchronization of all is made possible through the apps client. Other options are also available: MaaGik Shell V0.4 allows commands to
Aumera : TimeSync , self-matrix displays to display the time and also to view and scrolling messages
The system has self-matrix displays to display the time and also to view and scrolling messages and messages of type
graph (editor available in the app). These displays are also available from the automation manager (Example: ON AIR from a display in GPi or
then a scrolling message on the title being released).
Aumera : TimeSync , GSM module connected by IP
An optional GSM module connected by IP used to send SMS based on user defined parameters (lack of modulation etc ...).